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Islamabad Hotels are considered to be the best amongst whole of Pakistan.Hotels in Islamabad are well equipped with all the facilities in industry.To find best hotel deals in Islamabad by Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and consists of cosmopolitan demographics. All the embassies in Pakistan are located in Islamabad.One of the biggest embassy in Islamabad is US. Hotels near US embassy Islamabad are famous due to the location. In the huge pool of Islamabad hotels, Pakistan’s biggest hotel booking website offer you to book hotels in Islamabad based on facilities, reviews and prices.

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Best Hotels in Islamabad

Islamabad hotels booking is made easier by Pakistans biggest hotel booking website. As Islamabad is a one of the biggest cosmopolitan city in Punjab, it also is the capital of Pakistan.

In addition It is the fourth largest city in Pakistan by population. Due to the larger Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the country’s third-largest area. The economy of Rawalpindi is interlinked with Islamabad, and the two are jointly known as the “twin cities”.  Hence the city is the administrative seat of the Rawalpindi District.


Because Rawalpindi is located on the Potohar Plateau, which is known for the existence of a Buddhist community. You can easily find history of the Buddhist community in the neighbouring town of Taxila, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently at the time when the city was destroyed during the invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni. Even before being taken over by Gakhars who went on to name the city as “Rawalpind” in 1493.

As a result 1765 was the year when the Gakhars were defeated. As Rawalpindi became part of the Sikh Empire during the days of partition of India in 1947.

Rawalpindi was the first city became home to the headquarters of Pakistan Army hence retaining its status as a major military city.




We have partnered with Islamabad’s best hotels to find quality service hotels in Islamabad. Our group of the largest network of hotels in Pakistan enables us to offer quality and service simultaneously. We prefer customer service and quality over price to ensure comfort of clients. Following are the featured hotel booking  partners in the city of Islamabad. A quality network of hotels offering cheapest price deals and price list of hotels in Islamabad.



faisal mosque islamabad

  1. Faisal Mosque

The true symbol of Muslim’s dignity and one of the most unique building designs and architectural techniques of today’s world. Faisal Mosque Islamabad, being the centre of the city, can be viewed from any side of the city.Islamabad hotels offered by  providing wonderful view of local surrounding including Faisal Mosque.


damn e koh islamabad

  1. Daman-e-Koh. / (Middle of mountain in English)

This spot lies right in the lap of nature. Daman-e-Koh is the Best Place for viewing the whole city of Islamabad. Good hiking and horse-riding facilities can be enjoyed here. Hotels Islamabad offer a splendid view and tour to nearby tourist spots like Damn-e-Koh.

margalla hills islamabad

  1. Margalla Hills

Islamabad hotels are surrounded by the beautiful hills are perfect for spending a cool summer and having a relaxing time with your friends and family. It is an ideal site for picnic, hiking, camping, driving, cycling, and other travel adventures.


sakar parian

  1. ShakarParian

ShakarParian Hills are situated near Zero Point and is among the oldest tourist attractions of Islamabad. The place provides a clear and scenic view of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


simli dam islamabad


  1. Simly Dam

Simly Dam is regarded as a big water resource. Apart from being a major water source for residents of Islamabad. Simly Dam near the capital Islamabad also serves as a well-liked picnic spot for families. It’s about 30 km away from Islamabad near Bhara Kahu town.


rawal dam islamabad


  1. Rawal Lake

Finally Rawal Lake is a wonderful place to experience the divine sight of sunset while standing by the shore. Furthermore the lake has a beautiful and well-maintained park named “Lake View Park”. Which is not only perfect for a family picnic but also full with fun activities like games, motion rides, fun fairs, etc.

lotus lake islamabad

  1. Lotus Lake

This small lake is among the most serene parts of the city. Due to wonderful fauna and flora give a pleasant feel to the visitors. As a result this place turns quite hot in the months of June and July.

lok virsa islamabad

  1. LokVirsa Museum and Heritage LibraryThe LokVirsa (National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage) gives a closer look at the living folk and traditional culture of Pakistan. It has a Folk Heritage Museum, located near ShakarParian Hills which presents a large display of embroidered costumes, jewellery, woodwork, metalwork, block printing, ivory and bone work from the olden times. As a result traditional architecture facades have also been exhibited. Hence presenting skills such as fresco, mirror work, marble inlay, tile mosaic and stucco tracery and more.LokVirsa Heritage Reference Library is currently serving well in providing data on ethnography, anthropology, folk music, art, history and crafts.


rose jasmine garden islamabad

  1. Rose & Jasmine Garden

This garden has 250 different varieties of roses as well as a dozen types of Jasmines. It is a relaxing place and has a very pleasant ambience. Spring and autumn flowers shows are regularly arranged here that attract people from all around the world.


monal resturant islamabad

  1. PirSohawa and Monal

One of the popular destination among the residents of Islamabad is Pir Sohawa.  It has a 3000 plus ft. Elevation and located in Monal village which is geographically part of Haripur District.

Monal resturant islamabad is situated in one the best and scenic locations in the world. Monal resturant is considered as one the best environment for tourist.A restaurant which serves  authentic pakistani food in a very traditional way.